Facility Rental

The Sporting Chance Center is available at reasonable rates to individuals, teams, tournament and event organizers, leagues, and organizations that require indoor space for their activities.



Start by completing our Facility Rental Request Form, outlining your general request, including the type of activity, and the dates and times requested. With that information we will contact you. 


To our Customers and Friends:

As you may have heard, the Sporting Chance center will be undertaking a renovation of its wood floors to improve play and performance. We were able to schedule the work over the Summer to minimize impact on the Center, its customers, and the community. However, even with our best planning, there will be inconveniences.

We wanted to give all of you a heads up of what to expect.

  • Beginning in May, you will notice some new wood planks being delivered and stored in various places inside the Center. This is necessary to allow the wood to acclimate to the interior environment before being installed. We will do our best to keep it out of the way so it does not interfere with court play or the enjoyment of the lobby.
  • Beginning June, we will start closing courts – usually two at a time – where we will be performing the improvement work. It will create some dust and noise, but we are hopeful play on the other courts will not be impacted.
  • We elected to work on only half of the gym at a time to avoid our customers being totally shut out of space. We know you rely on us, and we did not want you to be without indoor space for your program. However, since we will be working with about half the space most of the summer, all of us are going to have to make some sacrifices. We will do our best to accommodate you – but want you to be aware of the challenges.
  • Starting July 30th until mid-August, the entire Center will be closed because of the initial application of floor finishing products. We promise to keep you updated as to when the Center will officially re-open its doors.
  • We expect the work to be done in September, at which time we will return to full capacity, with even BETTER wood floors!

Thank for your patience and understanding

Sporting Chance Center


Rental rates vary depending on a variety of factors, including day and time of use, nature of use, anticipated attendance, and demands on the Center. Our mandate is to provide quality indoor space at the lowest possible price, so that we can encourage and expand youth participation in sports. Rates are typically based on one hour of use, starting as low as $30 per hour for one full basketball court.

User Requirements and Contract Terms

Users will be required to enter into written User Agreements which are subject to these Standard Terms. User must also comply with the Code of Conduct,  Facility Use Polices, Complete Food and Beverage Policies, and provide proof of insurance.  Please review these requirements before submitting your requests so that you are familiar with what will be expected.