1. Only players on official rosters may play. No additions to the roster may be made at the beginning of playoffs.  In order to be eligible for playoffs, you must have played in at least ONE regular season game.
  2. You may only play on ONE team for the entire season.
  3. Teams will forfeit any game in which an ineligible player is used.
  4. Any player that cannot provide proof of identity to the satisfaction of league officials may be considered ineligible.
  5. Refer to the Age Guidelines.


  1. Teams will be placed in divisions. Depending upon the number of teams in each division, pools may be established.  Seeding and pairings are at the discretion of league officials.


  1. After pool play, qualifying teams will advance to bracket play, either in a Championship Bracket or Consolation Bracket, depending upon the results of pool play. Precise formulas and methodology will depend upon the number of teams competing in each division and will be determined by league officials. Coaches will be notified of methodology not later than the release of official schedules. All teams are guaranteed 8 games.


  1. National High School rules will apply except as described below.
  2. Games are two running 18-minute halves. Clock stops last minute of the first half and the last 2 minutes of 2nd half, unless a team is winning by 15 points or more, then the clock will run.  Referees at their discretion may direct the clock to be stopped in case of unforeseen disruptions in play.
  3. Zero Tolerance Policy. In the case of a technical foul, no free throws will be shot. Two points will be automatically awarded to the team not receiving the technical foul.
  4. If any game is tied after regulation play, one overtime period of 2 minutes will be played (clock runs the first minute, and is stopped the second). If game is still tied, additional overtime periods will be one-minute clock stopped until winner is determined.  Each team is permitted two time-outs per half, and one time out per overtime period. There is no carryover of un-used time-outs.
  5. Players foul out on their fifth foul. On the seventh team foul in a half, the opposing team will be awarded a one and one free throw opportunity. On the tenth team foul in a half, the opposing team will be awarded a two shot opportunity.
  6. GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP IS THE EXPECTATION OF OUR FACILITY. Unsportsmanlike conduct from players, coaches or fans will not be tolerated. League officials have complete discretion over issues of unsportsmanlike conduct.
    1. Coaches/Players – If a coach/player receives 2 technical fouls in a game, he/she will be ejected from the game and must leave the facility immediately, and will be subject to suspension for an additional game(s). Additionally that person will be ejected from any subsequent game on the first technical and the team representative and player ejected will have to petition the league in writing within 3 days of suspension notification for consideration to return to play.
    2. Fans – Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their team’s fans. Officials have discretion to (1) assess technical fouls against a team for the unsportsmanlike conduct of its fans, (2) eject fans from the facility or the tournament for any unsportsmanlike conduct, and/or (3) take any other action they deem appropriate. Law enforcement will be used if and when necessary.
  7. Forfeits greatly disrupt play, and spoil the experience for the other teams. This must be avoided at all costs. In the event any team forfeits a game, League officials reserve the right to take any action they deem necessary or appropriate to maximize the experience for the teams, which have not forfeited. This includes, but is not limited to, expelling teams that forfeit any game from all or part of the remainder of the league; rescheduling games; admitting replacement teams; or reassigning teams to different brackets/divisions.


  1. Teams will risk forfeit if they are late for any game. Game time is forfeit time.  See Forfeits above.
  2. Teams are responsible for supplying their own warm-up basketballs. Officials will use a game ball supplied by the league.
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