Code of Conduct

We want everyone who enters the Sporting Chance Center to have a safe, rewarding experience.  Therefore, we require that everyone adhere to a Code of Conduct that touches upon core values which, if respected, ensure a positive experience for everyone.

Failure to adhere to the Code of Conduct will result in a temporary or permanent ban from the Center.


-Respect Staff — they are here to provide a safe environment and a rewarding experience.

-Respect Others — refrain from any harassing, intimidating, or discourteous behavior toward others.

-Respect the Center — treat property and equipment with care, and be clean (pick up after yourself).

-Respect Yourself — refrain from dress or behavior that draw attention to yourself or portray you in a bad light.


-Exhibit good sportsmanship in all aspects of competition and play, including deferring to officials, abiding by all rules of competition, and refraining from outbursts.


-Refrain from any behavior that puts you or anyone else at risk of injury.

-Wear proper attire, and use proper equipment, for the activity in which you are participating.

-Report to Center Staff any condition that could create a safety concern.


-Follow all instructions given by Center Staff.

-Follow all posted rules and policies, including Facility Use Policies and our Complete Food and Beverage Policies.