In order to provide a top-notch facility for participants and spectators, and to ensure an enjoyable experience for all our visitors, we ask that you review this information carefully and adhere to all rules and policies – especially Parking and Food & Beverage policies. If you have questions, suggestions or comments, please send them via email to info@sacstucson.org.


The Sporting Chance Center features nearly 40,000 square feet of versatile indoor space, including 36,000 square feet of state-of-the-art floating wood floor that can accommodate up to five basketball courts or eight volleyball courts. It is the largest indoor sports facility in Southern Arizona. This space also accommodates badminton, pickleball, dodgeball, futsal, cheerleading, and any other indoor sport or activity that utilizes a wood floor.



The Play Smart. Eat Smart. Café offers reasonably priced, convenient food and drink options to our guests and users.  We have elected to offer items which are “relatively healthier” than fare normally offered at similar facilities. We feel this is an important step in our efforts to educate and inform youth about healthy food options.

Note: Outside food and drink are not permitted in the Center. Exception: water and sports drinks in acceptable, sealable individual containers. This rule is strictly enforced. We can pre-order lunches and snacks for groups. If interested, email us at cafe@sacstucson.org at least 3 days in advance.


We take pride in our facility and ask our users and guests to treat it with respect. All visitors are required to comply with our Code of Conduct and Facility Use Policies.


The large, central lobby provides comfortable table, counter, and couch seating while not viewing activities on the courts. The lobby is equipped with six large HD flat-screen televisions that display messaging, event information, and selected sports programming (e.g., ESPN, college and professional sporting events, etc.)

Various areas in the Center, including a conference room that can accommodate up to 20 persons, can be made available for group meetings.

The landscaped areas directly outside the Center, as well as throughout Curtis Park, provide ample space for tailgating or “team camps” during tournaments.
For Team Camp Guidelines, click here.


Free, limited WiFi, provided by Comcast, is available throughout the Lobby area for guests. Event organizers can arrange to have access to more robust WiFi throughout the building if needed.


Restrooms are available to guests and users. The Center does not have locker rooms or showers for users. Changing areas are available in the Men’s and Women’s restrooms.


There are over 200 parking spaces in the paved lot directly in front of the Sporting Chance Center – however, for tournaments and special events (most weekends) parking at the Center is very limited. We encourage visitors to carpool as much as possible. Be sure to observe all posted no parking signs, or you will be ticketed or towed. Shoulder parking is permitted on certain sections of Curtis Rd. – be sure to park safely. Overflow parking may be available in commercial lots nearby (across La Cholla) – however, observe all restrictions and park at your own risk.  For a detailed Parking Map, click here.

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