Please email us at info@sacstucson.org  for more information.

What is the purpose of the Center?

The primary purpose of the Center is to provide safe, accessible, affordable indoor space for youth sports programs and other activities that promote health and fitness among youth.

Is there a cost to use the Center?

Yes, most users will pay fees to use the Center. Groups, teams and organizations that desire to use the Center for their programs will pay a per-hour rental fee for court space needed.  Fees will vary based on the type of user (non-profit or for-profit, youth or adult) and the type of program.

Can people just “walk-in” and use the Center?

Generally, no. The Center is designed as a rental facility with advance reservations required.  However, a block of hours each week will be reserved for open play and walk-ins will be accommodated during those periods. Visit Open Play for more information.

Who paid for construction of the Center?

The Center was conceived, developed, designed and constructed using privately raised funds. The inspiration and initial funding for the Center came from Sporting Chance, a Tucson non-profit organization formed in 1993 for the purpose of promoting the positive development of youth through sports.  The balance of funds needed to complete the Center was raised from private donations, including major donations from the Community Healthcare Benefit Foundation (principal funding from Tucson Medical Center) and the Tucson Conquistadores.

Who operates the Center?

Southern Arizona Community Sports, Inc. (SACS), a non-profit organization, operates the Center under a 10-year Operating Agreement with Pima County.  All revenues generated by SACS from user fees and donations are used to offset Center operating expenses.

How are use fees set?

Fees are set at the lowest possible level to allow SACS to cover Center operating expenses. No individual or organization will realize any profits from the Center.

What is Pima County’s role?

Pima County owns the land at Curtis Park where the Center is located, and owns the building. The County also provides a variety of support and maintenance services, and covers a portion of the operating costs, under the Operating Agreement with SACS.

What are the Center’s operating hours?

The Center’s operating hours vary depending on the time of year and whether school is in session. Certain hours are allocated to the public for “Open Play”. These hours are posted on the website and will change often. Most hours are reserved by third parties that provide programming to the community.

Why are no outside food and beverages allowed?

The Sporting Chance Center is committed to maintaining a clean, safe and healthy environment for its guests. One of the ways we do this is by strictly enforcing our policies regarding bringing outside food and beverages into the Center. For a complete explanation, please click here to read our Complete Food and Beverage Policy.