The Sporting Chance Center is a privately funded non-profit endeavor dedicated to improving the lives of Tucson youth. The people behind this project include dedicated volunteers, generous donors, and hard-working staff, all of whom have no motive other than to make Tucson a better place for everyone. These people, and this project, deserve respect from everyone who enters the Center.

Therefore every user, participant, and guest is expected to adhere to the Center’s Code of Conduct, which reflects the values behind the Center. The Code of Conduct is posted at the Center and may be viewed at the link below.

To review the Code of Conduct, click here


Users, participants, and guests are expected to follow Facility Use Policies, which are designed to maintain a safe, clean, and inviting environment for everyone. The Facility Use Policies are posted at the Center and may be viewed at the link below.


Insurance Requirements

All third-party users that host practices, events, programs, tournaments, camps, or other activities, are required to maintain insurance acceptable to SACS. Users and their guests will be denied access to the facility unless satisfactory proof of insurance is provided.

To view current insurance requirements, click here

Participant Waiver Forms

Participants in programs at the Center are required to execute a Participant Waiver Form substantially in the form of the sample attached. Third parties that rent space in the Center and provide programs must certify that they have received similar forms from participants in their programs.

To view a sample Participant Waiver Form, click here

User Agreements

Users of the Center are required to execute written User Agreements. The form of these agreements will vary depending on use. All User Agreements are subject to User Agreement Standard Terms

To view User Agreement Standard Terms, click here

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