We have begun the process of having team reps submit their rosters prior to the league or Tournament.  Roster information can be revised any time prior to the start of the games, but a final roster must be submitted prior to the beginning of your first game on the day of the tournament..

To add additional players, please select YES at the bottom of this form and contact Tom at 520-888-1288 or email  Be sure that you have checked All Player’s eligibility and Age Guidelines.


Team Information


Please fill out the following information for your roster. You can add players on the day of the event if there are changes to your roster. Those players must follow the same guidelines.

By submitting this form, the team rep certifies that all information is true and acknowledges that rosters are final after the last game of the regular season for game forfeiture or other consequences in accordance with League Rules.

As always, if you have questions please do not hesitate to call us at 520-888-1288 or email

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