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NEW! : LIVE STREAMING AND VOD The Sporting Chance Center and Profile TV have teamed up to offer LIVE STREAMING and VIDEO ON DEMAND of all the action at the Center! And best of all, you can watch it ALL FREE on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or smart TV, captured by one of the five high-definition, digital cameras installed at the Center.

If you can’t witness a game in person, watch it LIVE as it happens – great for parents, grandparents or friends who can’t make it to a game. Or, watch it later-again and again – On Demand – fun to do with friends, family and teammates. Coaches can even tag games and practices later for learning and instruction.

To have access to LIVE STREAMING, VOD and MORE, Click Here.You may have noticed the new cameras on each court and the Notice of Video Recording signs located around the center. This new service is provided by ProFile Sports, and through the generosity of several local sponsors.  The videos are FREE-to-view as a convenience for you, our valued visitors.  The video is recorded in Ultra-High-Definition (8K) and the cameras automatically follow the action. All games and practices are recorded unless your coach specifically requests not to be filmed.

Practices can also be made private and only available by pass-code. For other privacy concerns, please see our DOWNLOAD the FREE App. or go to to watch recent games on your computer.

HOW TO GET GAME VIDEOS: You can purchase individual game videos to keep. The Live Streamed game videos are free to view, but may only be available for a short while. To request High Definition Full Game Videos, place your order HERE or on the ProFile Sports website at


HOW TO USE THE FAN APP (Game Video Highlighter) For full Step-by-Step instruction on downloading, DOWNLOAD installing and using the Pixellot Fan App, go to or watch these helpful videos.


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